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Types of Graphic Design Portfolios

A graphic design portfolio is an aggregation of a designer’s work, both individual and professional, in a simple to-see design. In any case, portfolios are far beyond flawlessly coordinated pictures of projects— they typify a designer’s personality, styles, and abilities. With the assistance of binding together tones, classy typography, clean format, smart duplicate, and great pictures, you can not just persuade future customers or businesses to hire you. A portfolio is a flat out must-have for any graphic designer; consider it a visual resume, exhibiting your ability and recounting your story of growth and change as a designer.

In this way, you realize how significant a portfolio is. Be that as it may, how would you make one? Picking a portfolio format is simple, however, picking the correct portfolio design for your requirements takes more work. Do you plan your print portfolio, or do you make an online variant? Do you just connect a PDF to your employment forms? Or then again do you do every one of the three? There are benefits and impediments to utilizing print, PDF, or site portfolios.

Types of Graphic Design Portfolio

Print Portfolios

First on the rundown of portfolio designs is print. Print portfolios are ordinarily expertly bound books. They contain significant pieces that address your work in a material, active arrangement.

There is a ton of work that goes into making print portfolios; the time, exertion, plan, money, and persistence associated with working out your own print portfolio says a lot regarding who you are as a planner.


Print portfolios offer numerous advantages. Whenever progressed nicely, a print portfolio can separate you from other designers. Making a print portfolio exhibits thought, exertion, and information on the universe of paper, print, and format plan. In that capacity, carrying a print portfolio to a meeting has the most grounded impact on future businesses.


Likewise, with any portfolio design, planning for print has its disadvantages. Making your own portfolio book is very tedious. You’re not simply transferring your work into a web designer; rather, you’re slyly organizing your work to engage expected clients and employers. Since none of the portfolio work is advanced, it can take more time to completely refresh your print portfolio. Moreover, planning numerous print portfolios can be very costly over the long haul. While print portfolios are extremely excellent, the actual book can be delicate. Misusing this masterpiece can think about seriously you as a creator.

PDF Portfolios

Making a portfolio as a PDF is getting increasingly famous. Utilizing Acrobat, multi-page PDFs can be made from designs made in a graphics software program (like InDesign or Photoshop). The outcome is a brochure-style piece that shows instances of your work alongside descriptions of projects and related information.



PDF portfolios offer numerous advantages. Not at all like print portfolios, PDF portfolios are simpler to refresh or tailor to explicit crowds. They’re likewise simple to share through email or document sharing. This format likewise proves to be useful when you’re uncertain of the dependability of the organization association; you can without much of a stretch store PDFs on your PC or tablet for simple access in case you’re meeting with potential clients or employers. PDF portfolios additionally exhibit layout ability, color combinations, and typography design — similar to a print portfolio. If you’re using design software then making your own PDF portfolio is very financial plan amicable. There’s no compelling reason to stress over paying for print,  book binding, or hosting.


The disadvantages of having a PDF portfolio are rare. Because of the nature of PDF documents, and interaction design is absent. Viewers can’t flick through the pages or snap-on pictures to uncover more info. Yet, this absence of interaction doesn’t compare to an absence of personality. PDF portfolios additionally risk record size issues, picture compression, and pixelation. Before sending your work using email, be certain your design work is showing in a high resolution.

Website Portfolios

Online portfolios are presumably the most mainstream type today. As a graphic designer, some will even accept you have a website. On the off chance that your centre is website design, an online portfolio is a decision for you, as it fills in to act as an example of your work.



Probably the most amazing aspect of having your own website is that you can tailor its appearance, navigation, layout, and more to your particular necessities. Another advantage of a website portfolio is that they’re not difficult to update. You should simply add another project, import the pictures, and build out a description.

Website portfolios are likewise promptly available and simple to appropriate, making it easy to send your professional work out to possible businesses and get your name recognized. Many web facilitating administrations permit you to add sections, tabs, and more to incorporate significant information, contact forms, and links. Visitors can see your portfolio website on any screen size — from phones to enormous PC screens. This implies your inventive work is accessible to anybody with a simple click.


While web portfolios are crammed with aces, there are additionally a couple of cons. Likewise, with any website, you will require a solid organization connection. Also, the expenses of hosting and domain name and keeping your portfolio website running can be costly.

Which Graphic Design Portfolio Format Is Best for You?

Do you invest in a print portfolio, plan a PDF portfolio, or work out a website portfolio? The basic answer is it relies upon the idea of your work. 


Eventually, the sort of portfolio you decide to have will depends upon your budget, accessible time and kind of work. For website designers, an online portfolio is an easy decision. On the off chance that you don’t have the opportunity or budget to set up a website at the present time, you ought to have a PDF so you have something to mail. A print portfolio is incredible to bring to a meeting and show your best work. As a portfolio is a key advertising piece, it ought to be paid attention to, and a combination of the choices above may be the correct decision to land you your fantasy job or client.

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